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A large portion of e-shops today offer various shipping solutions. At present, the most used is to have it delivered to a collection point, so that you can pick up the newly purchased items yourself when it fits into your calendar. The method is therefore highly appropriate, and in many cases also the most price-conscious type of delivery.

You can also pretend to have the package sent to your apartment or to your workplace. Unfortunately, it will be a bit more expensive, but also extremely simple. However, the least expensive type of delivery will undoubtedly be to pick up the goods yourself, which is conditional on you staying right next to the online retailers place of residence.

The shipping time is super relevant if we need to use your new products shortly, so for that reason it is of course meaningful that we take a closer look at the estimated delivery date for the relevant item.

Several internet companies provide 1-day shipping on a number of products, but be careful as it requires that the order be placed before an agreed time, taking into account that they have the prospect of being able to get your new product at the post office before the logistics staff go home.

Some e-retailers provide free shipping, but in many cases this is reserved when you order for a specific amount. Otherwise, you could prefer the most affordable form of shipping, which often – regardless of whether you live close to Helsingør, Værløse or Ribe – will be to have the shipping company bring the products to a delivery point.

The time of delivery is of course extremely decisive

It is now extremely affordable for anyone and everyone to find the best prices across internet stores and as a result the majority of online retailers have had to to significantly lower prices on many of their products – for kids and babies, as well as for women and men – and sometimes even offer free shipping.

However, it can still be beneficial to look through a number of online stores for offers before you complete your shopping, so that you are sure to get the cheapest price.

You just have to be careful that if an internet shop offers goods for a sale price that may seem unrealistically favorable, then this can often be a characteristic that shows a disingenuous internet company. Card purchases, on the other hand, are included in a regulation, which supports people against dishonest internet businesses.

We generally recommend card transactions or mobile payments. As an alternative option, you should choose an offer such as ViaBill, if you require paying the bill over a longer period.

Note whether the online store is e-branded

Before people buy from an online webshop, they should, to be on the safe side, familiarize themselves with the webshops terms and conditions, however, it is sometimes an extensive task.

Another suggestion is to note whether the internet business is supported by the e-label, because it should be an indication that the online shop recognizes the Danish rules, as well as that the shop is frequently visited by professionals who have a lot knowledge of the applicable regulations. This is also your chance for support when you experience difficulties as a result of your order.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you are careful about the most important conditions that may have an impact on the order, for example which right of return the e-shop ensures. In that relationship, it is also crucial that you secure your order receipt at all times, so that you can prove the order a second time, regardless of whether you are looking for an item for a man or a woman.

A lot of different delivery versions

Trustpilot generates suitably honest solutions to look more closely at various other consumers criticisms and because of this we recommend that you analyze the online shops ratings before you shop .

Facebook also gives you de facto solid solutions to gain insight into the webshops customer focus. In addition, we even meet internet companies where people can make a mention of their purchase experience, which should also be used to assess customer satisfaction.

Guidance on products and internet webshops is maintained from time to time, but we accept no responsibility for corrections that may have been made since we last updated the displayed data.