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A lot of online stores currently offer a lot of different options for shipping. The most used is currently delivery to a parcel shop, where you can collect the parcel yourself at a time of your choice. The shipping option is quite problem-free, and in many cases also the most price-conscious shipping solution.

You could also prefer to have the goods delivered to your address or to your place of work. The solution will unfortunately be a bit more expensive, but also very problem-free. However, the most affordable solution will always be for you to pick up the package yourself, but that option requires that you live near the e-shops location.

The ability to deliver is of course quite important if you need the products in a short time, so for that purpose it is completely relevant to scrutinize the estimated delivery date for the product in question.

Most online stores promise delivery in just one working day for many items, but it is assumed that the order is completed before a fixed time, so that they have the prospect of being able to get the items shipped before the staff closing time.

A number of e-shops promise free delivery, but often only if you buy for a specific amount. In addition, you could choose the cheapest type of delivery, which most often – whether you live near Køge, Solrød Strand or Lemvig – is to have the courier bring the order to a parcel shop.

Check whether the online shop is approved by the e-label

It is ultra practical for people to make price comparisons at different online shops and so many online shops have found it necessary to reduce the sale prices on their products – for juniors, as well as for adults – colossally, and even sometimes perform free delivery.

On the other hand, it can nevertheless be beneficial to check various online retailers after sales before you buy, so that you are on the safe side of obtaining the best price.

You just have to be aware that if an online shop advertises a product for sale at a sale price that seems infinitely excellent, it should mostly be a warning sign of a fraudulent internet shop. Fortunately, card payments are embraced by a regulation that supports the buyer against fraudulent online warehouses.

Generally, we recommend purchases with standard payment cards or payments with the mobile phone. As an alternative, you should use an installment plan from e.g. ViaBill, in case you want to pay off the costs later.

Before people shop in a business online, you could undoubtedly go through the webshops business conditions, but it is often not super exciting.

An easier solution could perhaps be to check whether the e-company is e-label approved, which is an indication that the internet company complies with the applicable Danish regulations, in addition to the fact that the internet business is often assessed by experts there master the rules. You are also offered the chance to lend a hand when you have dilemmas in connection with your shopping.

It is recommended that you check the internet companys ratings

Trustpilot offers absolutely fine opportunities to take a closer look at quite a few previous buyers evaluations and because of this it is suggested that you examine the internet companys criticism before you order.

Facebook also always provides advantageous opportunities to get an impression of the internet webshops credibility. Here we meet some online warehouses which make it possible to produce an assessment of the companys service, which can just as well be used to get an insight into how satisfied the customers are.

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